SAA welcomes you to bring as much baggage as you need (up to 3 pieces), but please bear in mind though, once you exceed your carry-on and checked-in baggage limits, additional baggage rates will apply.

Additional baggage will be assessed and must be paid for before boarding. Travellers also have the option of paying the charge for the entire journey or to your point of transfer, if you have a stopover. For those sectors of your journey where SAA is not your carrier, please check with the operating airline for their charges. 

For codeshare flights, the operating carrier’s additional baggage rules and charges will apply.

Additional Baggage Rates

For international and domestic travel the fees vary according to your destination, see our comprehensive charts to explain the fees. Please take note that the charges quoted below are per piece of baggage.

The additional baggage rates below apply to SAA operated flights only.

  • Within South Africa

    Business Class ZAR 400.00 per piece (VAT inclusive)
    Economy Class ZAR 300.00 per piece (VAT inclusive)
  • Between South Africa & Africa via Johannesburg

    Local Currency
    Country / Cities Business Class Economy Class Business Class Economy Class
    Between South Africa and Harare, Maputo, Mauritius, Lusaka, Victoria Falls and Windhoek USD 75 USD 45 ZAR 1125 ZAR 675


    Between South Africa and Harare and Lusaka

    (* rates applicable for travel between 01 December and 15 January)

    USD 86 USD 52 ZAR 1300 ZAR 780
    Between South Africa and Kinshasa USD 100 USD 80 ZAR 1500 ZAR 1200


    Between South Africa and Kinshasa

    (* rates applicable for travel between 01 December and 15 January)

    USD 115 USD 95 ZAR 1730 ZAR 1380
    Between South Africa and Lilongwe and Blantyre USD 145 USD 95 ZAR 2650 ZAR 1750
    Between South Africa and Accra USD 175 USD 125 ZAR 2700 ZAR 1900


    Between South Africa and Accra

    (* rates applicable for travel between 01 December and 15 January)

    USD 201 USD 144 ZAR 3020 ZAR 2160
    Between South Africa and Abidjan USD 75  USD 45 ZAR 1125 ZAR675
    Between Abidjan and Accra USD 60 USD 30 N/A N/A
    Between South Africa and Nigeria USD 150 USD 100 ZAR 2250 ZAR 1500


    Between South Africa and Nigeria

    (* rates applicable for travel between 01 December and 15 January)

    USD 173 USD 115 ZAR 2590 ZAR 1730
  • Flight Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
    Between Business Class Economy Class Business class Economy Class Business class Economy Class
    Group 1 USD 105 USD 65 USD 110 USD 70 USD 110 USD 70
    Group 2 USD 110 USD 70 USD 120 USD 80 USD 120 USD 80
    Group 3 USD 110 USD 70 USD 120 USD 80 USD 175 USD 125
    • Group 1:

      • Harare | Maputo | Mauritius | Lusaka | Victoria Falls | Windhoek
    • Group 2:

      • Kinshasa
    • Group 3:

      • Accra | Lagos | Lilongwe | Blantyre | Abidjan
  • Country / Cities   Local Currency
    All countries in Africa not specified below USD 160 USD 160
    South Africa USD 140 ZAR 1200
    Namibia USD 140 NAD 1200
    Nigeria / Democratic  Republic of Congo USD 160 USD 160
  • Additional Baggage Terms and Conditions
    This document outlines the terms and conditions for the purchase of additional (excess) baggage.  This document should be read in conjunction with the overall baggage policy that outlines the normal checked baggage allowances (per destination) and the number of additional piece that may be purchased over the normal allowances. The following is applicable to all SAA operated 083 ticket stock flights:
    Additional baggage charges are per flight and can be purchased whilst making your booking online, on booking management after booking your flight up to 3 hours before departure (provided the passenger has not checked in for the flight at the airport) or at one of our airport check-in points.  
    Additional baggage allowance is non-transferable. Customers who have purchased additional baggage allowance with their flight, and have requested a name change in the booking, will need to apply for a refund.
    Infants are not eligible for excess baggage purchases but every person over two years can pay for additional bags. 
    Each extra bag needs to meet the same size and weight limits as a standard checked bag.
    Changes made by the passenger:
    Your additional baggage allowance will be valid for the new flight date at no additional cost, provided the route has not changed.
    Where the route has changed, the passenger must cancel the additional baggage purchased and purchase an additional baggage for the new flight (subject to these terms and conditions).
    Passengers who move to earlier flight at the airport check-in desk will have their additional baggage allowance automatically moved to their new flight.
    Changes made by SAA:
    In the event of a schedule change, the additional baggage allowance will automatically be moved to the new flight provided it is operated by SAA.
    Where the new flight is not operated by SAA, or SAA is unable to offer a suitable alternative flight, the additional baggage allowance will be refunded.
    Any additional baggage that the passenger purchase is non-refundable and non-transferable.  If you have changed your mind, there will be no refund paid especially after the first sector has been completed.  
    Passenger cannot request a refund for any of the following circumstances:
    on or after the day of departure of the first flight in the booking.
    if you fail to check in for the flight and have not cancelled or changed your ticket
    for any unused portion of additional baggage allowance purchased.
    Passenger are entitled to a refund under the following:
    Passenger cancels their ticket and the additional baggage purchased will be refunded with the flight ticket minus any fees associated with the ticket rules.
    Passenger cancels flight due to illness or hospitalisation, the additional baggage purchased will be refunded with the flight ticket.
    All refunds will, where possible, be returned to passengers in the original form of payment used to purchase.

Baggage Policy

Additional baggage rates will apply for each of the following:

  • Each bag exceeding the number of pieces prescribed in the traveller’s baggage allowance.
  • Each bag exceeding the dimensions of 158cm (calculated as length + width + height), but not exceeding 203cm.
  • Each bag exceeding the maximum prescribed weight of 23kg (Economy Class), where applicable, but not exceeding 32kg.
  • Multiple excess baggage charges will apply for baggage that violates more than one of the above rules.

Customers are able to check-in a maximum of 3 pieces of excess baggage, above their free baggage allowance. Any additional piece needs to be sent as cargo, at applicable SAA Cargo rates.


Baggage Tips

For a detailed outline on SAA's baggage tips click here.