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Luanda (Angola)

Luanda Welcome

Despite the tumultuous past and jarring contrasts of Luanda, Angola's capital is something of a wild paradise awaiting discovery and is easily accessible with SAA flights to Luanda.

Backpackers with a keen sense of adventure can cruise its coastline, an attraction infinite in length and beauty. There are hidden pockets of wildlife to keep nature-lovers immersed in the unkempt beauty and temperate climate of a previously unfamiliar destination that now stands proudly amongst the more celebrated ones.


There are many tourist attractions in Angola's capital. So book your flight to Luanda and be charmed by the various game parks, historical structures, monuments & markets.

Kissama Game Park in Luanda

Kissama Game Park

Make your way across the Kwansa River bridge and visit this stunning game park, which is situated 70km (43.5 miles) south of Luanda. The Operation Noah's Ark programme is currently restoring the wildlife in this beautiful reserve, so take an exciting safari drive with one of the experienced and friendly forest rangers. Kissama (also spelt Quiçama) has accommodation facilities available.

Ilha do Mussulo in Luanda

Ilha do Mussulo

Mussulo island lies just a few kilometres off the coast of Angola. Catch a boat from Luanda and experience this laid-back and charming island resort, where you can relax on a sunbed and enjoy the beautiful beach setting.

Fortaleza in Luanda


High above the city of Luanda towers the gleaming white fort of Fortaleza. Built by the Portuguese in the 17th Century, it used to serve as a vantage and defence point against potential invaders, and was turned into a museum after independence. Visit this impressive structure and see the panoramic views of the Marginal, the Ilha do Mussulo and the Presidential Palace.

The Marginal in Luanda

The Marginal

Lined with palm trees, this seaside promenade offers a stunning view of Luanda bay and the Ilha further out to sea. You can also visit the Port of Luanda building with its tall clocktower and the famous pink Banco de Angola, which is lit up by floodlights at night. A walk along the Marginal is most pleasant during the cooler months of July and August.