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About Upington

Upington is real adventure territory designed for 4x4 drivers with a love of open spaces. It’s in the Northern Cape, an area that’s sparse but absolutely breathtaking, and where the big attractions are the scenery and tranquillity. The main attractions in the town itself are pretty unusual - a statue of a donkey and an elegant avenue of date palms. Close by you’ll find a wine estate, waterfalls and water sports.

Travel Tips

Don’t mess about - book a 4x4 vehicle in advance from the airport, because you’ll need it when you go adventuring.  Prepare for intense weather – intensely hot in summer, with temperatures sometimes cracking a smouldering 41°C, and plunging to a bone-withering -11°C some winters, although even winter days can still touch 30 degrees. The nicest time to visit is spring.

  • GMT +2
  • South African Rand (ZAR)
  • Socket Type C
  • Socket Type F
  • Socket Type M
  • Socket Type N
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