• The specifications of cage shall not exceed 1m X 1m & maximum weight of 23kg. (Cages larger than the required specification shall be transported has cargo). Your pet’s original vaccination and rabies certificate must be present at the time of pet check-in.

    Excess charge of ZAR 300 inclusive of VAT is payable, irrespective of class of travel. Check-in is 90 minutes prior to departure as a minimum to allow for sufficient handling time. 

    This relates to dogs, cats and birds. Snakes are not allowed.

    Guide dog trainers will be allowed to transport the dog via cabin as part of the training & orientation of the handover and training process.

    The applicable excess baggage rate will be charged for the dog and the container and will not be included in the free baggage allowance.

    Exception: One dog per a blind or deaf passenger is free.

  • All animals (Pets) and animal products are not allowed via the security check point & must be transported as manifested cargo under an Air Waybill, also in case of transit if transhipment is involved.


    One dog for blind or deaf passenger is free.


    to/from the USA Passengers dependant on a service, psychiatric or emotional support animal permitted.

  • Accompanied pets and container shall not be included in the free baggage allowance and normal excess baggage rates apply.

    No pets permitted in Cabin.