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Standard Free Baggage Allowance

As a guide we have provided our standard checked baggage allowances, although there are exceptions based upon certain routes and ticket class. We therefore advise you to also check our baggage allowance exceptions below and, above all, take note of the baggage allowance attached to your booking on

SAA assesses baggage by number of pieces rather than their weight, although weight restrictions do apply.

Standard free baggage allowance
Class of Travel Weight per Piece Sporting Equipment
Business Class 2 pieces not exceeding 32kg per piece One piece of sporting equipment, not exceeding 23kg per piece
Economy Class 1 piece not exceeding 23kg One piece of sporting equipment, not exceeding 23kg per piece

Checked baggage dimensions

Please make sure your checked bags are within the dimensions outlined in the diagram. Bags greater than the dimensions provided are too large for airport conveyor belts and will not be accepted on the flight.

checked baggage dimensions image

If you are travelling with sporting equipment or fragile items please refer to our special baggage dimension policy.