SAA Baggage Liability and Conditions

We will make every effort to ensure that your baggage is handled with care. While you wait for your delayed baggage, we will make every reasonable effort to minimize your inconvenience. If you are not a resident of the country you have arrived in, we will reimburse you for reasonable expenses that you may incur when buying essential items, using the following guidelines:

  • Reimbursement for essential items will be considered upon submission of receipts. Unfortunately, no reimbursement will be made without receipts.
  • The below interim expense allowance, is paid per customer travelling on a SAA operated flight, for a maximum of five days:
  • Economy Class passengers are entitled to up to 75 USD (or equivalent local currency) per day; and
  • Business Class passengers are entitled to up to 100 USD (or equivalent local currency) per day.

We commit to providing a fair and equitable settlement to cover losses that you may incur due to lost or damaged baggage. The total liability for a piece of baggage checked is limited by the Warsaw convention or Montreal convention, whichever is applicable based on your itinerary.

We will compensate you for reasonable, documented and verifiable damages up to the limit of liability. Anything of significant value should be packed in your carry-on baggage, including electronic devices, computer equipment, cameras, and jewellery. Our Conditions of Carriage outlines specific items that are excluded from liability if you check them in your baggage.

Please read our general conditions of carriage to ensure a safe and pleasant flight.