Terms and Conditions of Cyber Monday Promotional Fares

Johannesburg - Cape Town Starting from ZAR1 108 One Way
Johannesburg - Harare Starting from ZAR2 045 One Way
Johannesburg - Accra Starting from ZAR7 503 One Way
Johannesburg - Lagos Starting from ZAR6 113 One Way
Johannesburg- Lusaka Starting from ZAR4 846 One Way
Johannesburg - Kinshasa Starting from ZAR5 576 One Way
Kinshasa - Johannesburg Starting from USD481 Return
Kinshasa - Cape Town Starting from  USD548 Return
Lagos - Johannesburg Starting from USD392 Return
Lagos - Cape Town Starting from USD638 Return
  • All fares are subject to availability seat and fare availability
  • Due to currency fluctuation fares may change
  • Base fare and carrier imposed fees are non-refundable after completing booking
  • Unused regulated taxes are fully refundable
  • South African Airways reserves the right to at any time change and/or discontinue this sale
  • These terms and conditions must be read with the SAA Conditions of Carriage 

Sales and Travel Period