SAA Cargo Frequent Freighter Programme - SA based customers only

What is the Frequent Freighter Programme?

In 1995, we introduced a customer loyalty programme named Frequent Freighter, which rewards customers that use South African Airways Cargo services on a regular basis.

Who benefits?

Frequent customers receive lucrative rewards just by using our services. The more cargo they ship the more rewards they earn through accumulated miles. Rewards range from free travel, hotel accommodation, vehicle hire, etc.

Our programme has been enhanced to give our customers a value-added benefit and as a result the frequent freighter customers were migrated to the voyager programme.  Our customers will be able to access the same benefits as the voyager members.


Membership is per company with designated members.

The Programme has a four-level membership structure designed to give proportional recognition and awards for frequent use of South African Airways Cargo. These levels are:

Cargo Frequent Freighter Programme
Membership Level Kilopoints Required
Blue 100 000
Silver 200 000
Gold 500 000
Platinum 1 000 000

Qualification for the silver, gold and platinum tier levels will depend on the support given to South African Airways Cargo for a period of 12 months. Tier levels will be reviewed annually on 1 April.

How to claim?

Once a customer has earned sufficient miles to warrant the rewards he or she can forward a request to the Frequent Freighter Office at 011 978 6970/3991.

How does a customer earn miles?

In this Frequent Freighter programme, miles are earned by linking the kilograms shipped to the rate per mile of the shipment.

Miles are in fact based on a combination of actual weight, rate applied and the route used. This means higher rated shipments from the same region will earn more miles than lower rated shipments. Miles earned will be valid for 36 months.

In addition to the miles earned, you also earn bonus points once you have reached Silver, Gold and Platinum tier levels.

Levels are awarded as 10%, 15% and 25% bonuses respectively each time members on these levels ship freight on South African Airways. For example, if a customer has shipped 1 700 kgs from South Africa to Australia at R20.00 per kilo, that customer would earn ¾ mile per kilogram, i.e. 1700 x 3/4 = 1 275 miles.

RAND PER KILO SHIPPED (Net Rates) REGION 1 (Within SA / Exports from SA)
R6.50 – R9.49 0,33 miles per kg
R9.50 – R14.49 0,66 miles per kg
R14.50 – R19.99 1.00 miles per kg
R20.00– R24.99 1,33 miles per kg
R25.00 + 1,66 miles per kg

Business benefit

We have achieved growth in the usage of this programme since its introduction, which proves its increasing popularity among our customers. We remain focused and committed in delivering greater efficiency for the benefit of our customers with access to the Star Alliance network across the globe.

Voyager Call Centre

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