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Voyager Wallet Application

Issued: 20 January 2022

South African Airways (SAA) resumed flight operations on 23 September 2021 with an initial network that is smaller than what was previously operated. To give credit voucher holders more travel flexibility and immediate access to more destinations, SAA has created the Voyager Wallet.

Transferring the value of your unutilized credit gives you the flexibility to redeem your miles with any one of 34 Voyager program partners including 29 airlines.

Credit Vouchers transferred to the Voyager Wallet will allow you, the customer to retain full control over the value of your credit in the form of miles. Voyager miles are valid for 3 years and allow the flexibility to book awards for yourself or anyone you nominate with any of the Voyager redemption partners. Should you no longer wish to fly, Voyager has several non-air partners available against which your miles can be redeemed.

How do I activate this benefit?

Please register your request below and provide us with your Voyager membership number, details of existing credit voucher or open unused tickets issued on South African Airways (083) paper valid for travel up to 23 August 2021. The details on the ticket or credit voucher provided will be verified against the nominated Voyager account. Please ensure the that you capture the details required correctly to prevent a delay in honouring your request.

If you are not already a Voyager member, please first register using the link below:!registration.action
Voyager registration is free and accounts are activated immediately. Your Voyager membership number should be used when registering for the Voyager Wallet.
The value of your voucher or unused ticket will be converted to Voyager miles and credited to your Voyager Account within 7 – 10 working days.

About the Voyager Partners

Your Voyager mileage credit can be redeemed on any of the following program partners. When issuing flight awards always remember to issue the award in the name of the traveller.

  • 26 Star Alliance Partner Airlines (including SAA)
  • 3 Non Star Airlines – Emirates, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia
  • 5 Non Air Partners – Europcar, Wine of the Month, Net Florist, Uber and Cruises International

South African Airways is committed to supporting you, our valued customer with innovative ways to help you fly further.

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