Credit Voucher Redemption

South African Airways (SAA) would like to thank you for your patience and support during what were turbulent times for the airline. The Covid-19 pandemic remains a disruption for global commercial air travel. Despite this, SAA resumes operations on 23 September 2021 with a reduced network.

Customers can now redeem unused tickets and/or credit vouchers issued by SAA for a flight(s) in our new route network.

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Online Voucher Redemption Process

  • Step 1

    Complete a booking on where the date of travel is 6 days+ prior to departure. On the payment page select ‘Redeem Credit Voucher’ as your method of payment and click ‘Pay Now’.

  • Step 2

    Complete your personal contact details below, your new booking reference, and the credit voucher number (EMD) that you have been issued with and submit.

  • Step 3

    We will validate your request once received. If the cost of your new ticket is higher than the voucher value, we will contact you for any additional payment before e-mailing your new ticket number and if the cost of your new ticket is lower than the voucher value, we will issue your new ticket number together with a credit voucher for the residual value.

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Alternative Traveller Benefit

Customers have the option to name an alternative traveller. Please complete the required information accurately in the Alternate Traveller section below. The surname and first name(s) of the beneficiary needs to be as printed in an identity document and/or passport.

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