Last Updated: 02 August 2021

South African Airways (SAA) advises all customers that the global lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and our suspension of services had given us the opportunity to concentrate on moving forward our much publicised business rescue. Amongst other benefits this process aimed to produce a right sized, customer centric airline; designed to be lean, technology savvy, digitally native and agile to service all market segments. SAA exited Business Rescue on 30 April 2021. A solvent company has been handed over to the interim Board of Directors and Executive Team, whom are very hard at work navigating SAA into a state of readiness to resume operations. 

As the world continues to roll out vaccines and study its efficacy amidst a mutating virus, commercial air travel being a catalyst for economic activity and tourism needs to continue in a responsible manner. Like many countries, South Africa continues to review restrictions at regular intervals.


Trans-national commercial air travel is however conditional as many countries battle with fluctuating rates of infection and/or new waves of infection. For now this has necessitated that all SAA operated flights (domestic and regional) are suspended until 30 September 2021 and all SAA operated international flights are suspended until further notice.

The temporary suspension of operations also means that we would not be reachable to provide support through voice or email channels. You may however continue transacting on our website or contact your nearest travel agent. The timing of the reopening of our Contact Centre and service centres within Africa would coincide with the opening of sales for scheduled flights on a route network that would be announced soon.  

You may view the South African Risk Adjusted Strategy by clicking here

Please retain a previously purchased SAA ticket as this would be used as a credit when we are back.To demonstrate our care and commitment to our customers, South African Airways is making flexible changes for You. Read More

Our Customer Service Team is accessible on

The South African Coronavirus Resource Portal