Travelling to the Airport? Add Rail&Fly to your ticket

How it works:

  • STEP 1: On this page, choose your destination, your travel dates, as well as the number of travelers (maximum 9 passengers in total and not more infants than adults). Please make sure that you have selected “Rail & Fly, Germany” as point of origin.
  • STEP 2: Click on FIND FLIGHTS and, on the next page, choose your connection via Frankfurt (SA261/SA260) or Munich (SA265/SA264).
  • STEP 3: Once you have completed your booking, we will inform you via email about the procedure on how to collect your Rail&Fly ticket.

Please note that for bookings with multiple cities the "Multiple Destinations" link should be used. Below you may find further information on the Rail&Fly offer.




Benefit from convenient travel from any of more than 5.600 DB stations next to your home and arrive relaxed at the airport!

You can travel within Germany on the day of departure, as well as one day before, to the airport and take the train on the day of arrival, as well as the day after, to get home. You can choose your preferred train, whether it is an InterCity, EuroCity or InterCity Express. City Night Line and ICE Sprinter trains can also be taken, but you would need to reserve a seat and pay an additional fee.

The Rail&Fly ticket is only valid in combination with an international flight operated by South African Airways. Rail&Fly tickets can only be purchased for departures from Frankfurt Airport or Munich Airport and cannot be refunded.


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