JourneyBlitz Awards' terms & conditions

SPENDING MILES - South African Airways

Terms and Conditions for JourneyBlitz Awards

  • Journey Blitz Awards are only offered from time to time, as promotional Awards on South African Airways.
  • Journey Blitz Awards are only permitted on specific South African Airways flights or regions, where South African Airways is the operating carrier (flight number range SA 001 – SA 999). Flights and routes available for redemption of the promotional Journey Blitz Awards will vary from time to time, and such information will be published on
  • Journey Blitz Awards exclude charges including but not limited to: carrier imposed fees; government taxes, surcharges and levies; third-party taxes, surcharges and levies; - credit card levy or surcharge. Members are responsible for and must settle all relevant airport taxes and any additional relevant fees that are due for payment when collecting their Award ticket. Such payments must be made by credit card or debit card.
  • Journey Blitz Awards are self-service Awards and are exclusively available via
  • When a promotional Journey Blitz Award is on offer, it will be published on specifying the Miles required as well as applicable rules to such a promotion.
  • Journey Blitz Awards may only be issued for a confirmed Award Flight.
  • The Award and ticket must be issued in a single transaction.
  • The booking class for Journey Blitz Economy class is 'X', and the booking class for Journey Blitz Business class is 'I'.
  • Journey Blitz Awards are non-reversible and non-refundable, no changes which include date, class and route changes will be permitted.
  • Validity of JourneyBlitz Award tickets will be published at time of the applicable promotion.
  • Please note JourneyBlitz Awards for unaccompanied Minors (UM's) must be requested via the Call Centre.
  • Ticketing of JourneyBlitz awards are only allowed through SAA offices in countries where online-credit card payment is not permitted.


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