Voyager programme overview

Africa's first revenue-based frequent flyer programme

You are invited to join our programme and earn 2 500 Bonus Miles when you register and have accrued your first activity. A wealth of premium benefits and travel privileges await you as a valued member of our programme.

Once you are registered, you will receive our newsletter (only if you have opted to receive communication from Voyager) , outlining a brief status of your account, all changes within the programme and a range of promotional offers that you can benefit from.

Earning and spending of Miles

Our programme offers our more than 1 million members earning and spending of Miles (the programme's reward currency) from 30 partners. The programme boasts more than 30 airline partnerships, including the Star Alliance global network which gives members access to destinations in excess of 1 356 airports in 193 countries. Our programme has furthermore been expanded from being a traditional frequent flyer programme, by diversifying our offering to include more than 15 non-airline partners in categories ranging from travel-related to lifestyle, retail and financial services; delivering on our promise to become forever part of our members' journeys.

Always ensure that you quote your unique SAA Voyager membership number at time of booking or point of sale, in order for your Miles to track systematically. Your membership card should be in your possession at all times to have access to all the benefits associated with your status.

SAA exclusive earning of Miles ~ highest accumulation rate

On SAA operating flights, you earn 1 Mile for every R1.60 spent on the base fare and carrier imposed fees. Miles based on distance flown and booking class are earned on SAA marketing flights with other airlines.

SAA exclusive spending of Miles ~ easier than ever with a 5% return

Referred to as our Dynamic Awards, you will be able to spend your Miles on any available seat of an SAA operated flight for the base fare and carrier imposed fees. We also offer Upgrade Awards. Spending of Miles is worth 5% in return of the revenue spent on SAA operated flights.

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Earn your tier status and enjoy more benefits

Being an SAA Voyager elite status member, means access to additional benefits privileges based on your Tier Status. Benefits can range from additional Bonus Miles to free chauffeur-driven services, priority airport services, lounge access, a companion card – to mention a few. Tier Miles are earned per calendar year on SAA operating flights and Star Alliance.

SAA Tier Status and Benefits









Life Platinum

Lifetime Platinum
Star Alliance Tier
Star Silver Star Gold
How to qualify

Register as a Voyager member

30 000 Tier Miles annually 60 000 Tier Miles annually

120 000 Tier Miles annually


5 consecutive years of Gold status

6 Consecutive Years of Platinum status based on SAA Tier Miles*


720 000 SAA Tier Miles** during a minimum of 4 consecutive years and to a maximum of 6 consecutive years

How to retain More than 1 Base Mile per calendar year 95% of the Silver qualifying criteria 95% of the Gold qualifying criteria 95% of Platinum qualifying criteria Lifetime Status


Keep track of your activities

When earning and spending Miles, you will be able to track your activity on your mileage summary. You have access to your mileage summary on our website at or by downloading the SAA Voyager App.

Self service

To become a member, you can register online or via the SAA Voyager App and obtain your membership number with a PIN, which will provide access to our various self-service options. As a member, you are required to protect your PIN, as it is the key to your membership account. For security reasons, should you request a new PIN, your PIN will not be disclosed over the telephone, but an e-mail or SMS will be sent to you as per your membership profile contact details. Please ensure that your contact details are always updated to avoid any inconveniences. Click here for SAA Voyager contact details.


Enjoy premier rewards by activating your account online here with us. And, we can give you more than just the world!