SAA Technical Maintenance

    • SAA Technical is well equipped to handle all major maintenance requirements. It has adequately equipped facilities, the most modern equipment and a large, highly skilled workforce.
    • SAA Technical has a reputation for high-quality work at very competitive labour rates, earned over decades of providing heavy maintenance services to local and international airlines.
    • Aircraft downtime is reduced by world-class facilities and equipment and through scheduling aircraft modifications and repaints during C and D checks.
    • SAA Technical has nearly 85 000 square meters of hangar space. This includes the 36 000 square meter major maintenance hangar, the largest in Africa, capable of accommodating 5x B747 aircraft simultaneously. A multipurpose dock, capable of handling A340-200/300/600 aircraft, all B747 aircraft and MD11 aircraft.
    • SAA Technical does all major maintenance for SAA. It also provides major maintenance to a number of European, African and Middle East airlines.
    • The high capability in modifications includes strut modifications, FQIS (Fuel Quantity Indication System) replacement, ACARS-ARINC (Communication and Reporting System) installation, EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System) installation, Satellite Communication installation, Traffic Collision Avoidance System, enhanced IFE system installation, GPS (Global Positioning System), HUD (Head Up Display) installation and yaw damper modification and Cabin reconfiguration.
    • If required the aircraft is paint stripped during a D-check, the cabin is disassembled and refurbished at onsite workshops. The aircraft interior and exterior are put through a deep cleaning process to facilitate a thorough detail inspection and X-ray, and all corrosion and cracks are identified and repaired. All mandatory and customer identified modifications are incorporated. Scheduled component changes are executed. After the assembly of the cabin and installation of all components, a vigorous testing procedure of all systems is carried out. The conclusion of the major check is followed by a flight test.
    • SAA Technical has a dedicated paint hangar, equipped to do all levels of painting including complete repaints as well as internal and external decals. SAA Technical is a one-stop shop for all heavy maintenance, including the capability to test, repair and release components on site.
    • SAAT has capability on specialist services which can be accomplished as standalone requests or as part of the requested maintenance check e.g. skin changes, L.G changes, galley overhauls, ULD repairs and avionic modifications.

    Capabilities for C and D checks include:

    • B747 Series
    • B737 Classic/NG
    • A330
    • A319 Series
    • A320 Series
    • A340 Series
  • Where capacity meets demand

    SAA Technical provides line maintenance services to more than 30 customers at both domestic and international stations. Our highly trained, extensively knowledgeable and experienced Engineers attend to approximately 400 hundred flights daily.

    We offer services including routine Preflight, Transit, Daily, Weekly, CKA , defect rectification, supervision of refueling operations, aircraft exterior cleaning and polishing, interior deep cleaning, short term parking, aircraft towing, ground power services, water and waste services.

    Our network of stations covers both RSA and international locations.

    Dedicated Customer Support Services

    With our flexible and comprehensive support, we are able to provide tailor made services for your operation at any location. This provides your operation the added advantage of having maintenance, engineering and logistical support in one roof within your facility.

    Cabin Interior Conditioning

    In addition to the normal maintenance programme, a dedicated cabin maintenance team ensures that your cabin is maintained to a high standard. We also perform cabin deep cleaning services ensuring spotless interior furnishings.

    Aircraft Exterior Cleaning and Polishing

    Our aircraft exterior cleaning team is available to provide a specialist touch of hand cleaning and polishing to your aircraft.

    This service is provided in JNB and can be tailored to suit your operational needs.

    Aircraft Recovery

    SAAT provides aircraft recovery service through a specialist team on 24-hour standby bases. This team is fully equipped to handle any type of emergency in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

    These services are jointly conducted with our IATP partners.

    • Non Destructive Inspection - NDI methods such as MPI, FPI, X-Ray, Eddy Current and Thermography are used to supplement visual inspection to avoid costly tear down in gaining access to hidden structures and to provide early detection of defects before they reach critical size. Non-destructive Inspection is an essential part of aircraft maintenance and requires trained and experienced inspectors.
    • Metrology - Avionics and Dimensional Calibration  done on a variety of equipment in RF, ACDC, Pressure, Dimensional, Torque and Force, Humidity, Temperature and Hardness.

    Engine and APU Workshops

    • Full overhaul and test facilities for JT8, JT9 and GTCP85 series engines and APU's.
    • Module balancing, mapping and trim balancing of engine fan blades.
    • On wing LRU replacement, repair and maintenance of JT8, JT9, RB211, Trent, CFM, V2500 and CF6-80 engine types as well as Honeywell, PWA and Hamilton Sundstrand APU's.

    Galley Workshop

    • The SAAT Galley Interior Workshop is a leader in the servicing, overhaul and modification of Galley units.
    • They have over 50 years experience with the various range of Galley types.
    • Our field of experience cover the full range of old and new generation Galley types from different Vendors like Driessen, Sell, Albert Muhlenberg, Aerosud, Nordskog etc.
    • Apart from our own Engineering abilities, we also make use of the latest lightweight and durable materials.
    • Our satisfied clients to date includes Lufthansa Airways, Saudi Air, Egypt Air, Corsair, Comair, SA Express and VIP clients with specialized interiors like Kingdom Holdings and the SA Presidential Boeing Business Jet.

    Composite Workshop

    • SAAT composite workshops are currently the largest commercial composite repair facility in Southern Africa with trained staff and SACAA; FAA and EASA recognition.
    • Remanufacture and repairs to metal honeycomb components, bonded metal components and fabric based composite construction components.
    • Typical components are flaps; rudders, elevators, nose radomes, tailcones, body fairings etc. From June 2010 full capability on window refurbishing with a fully automated diamond fly cutting machine.
    • Onsite repairs at customer facilities with advanced portable equipment.
    • 52 cubic meter autoclave capable of accepting the majority of large a/c components.
    • Repairs to aircraft interiors such as panels, floorboards, cabin side linings, ceiling panels, overhead stowage bins.
    • Vacuum forming of plastic trims.