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Australia is the sixth largest country in the world - more or less the same size as mainland USA. This vast land however also has the lowest population density in the world, with only two people per square kilometre.

Australia is politically divided into six states and two territories, each one offering a different experience for the traveller. There is the drama of the remote 'Outback', the colourful spectacle of the Great Barrier Reef and its coral islands, the excitement of the cosmopolitan cities, the sun and surf at some of the best beaches in the world, and the tropical rainforests of Western Australia. The list is endless in this diverse land of adventure, which boasts 2,000 national parks and 14 World Heritage-listed areas, along with more than 7,000 beaches.

  Did you know
SAA has increased its flight frequency to Australia and now flies non-stop to Perth every day of the week!
SA280 departs Johannesburg on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 22h15pm
and arrives in Perth at 13h25pm on the following days. The return flight SA281 departs Perth on Mondays to
Fridays at 23h50pm and arrives in Johannesburg the following days at 05h45am.
SA282 departs Johannesburg Fridays and Saturdays at 16h20pm and arrives in Perth at 07h30am the
following day. SA283 departs Perth on Saturdays and Sundays at 11h20am and arrives in Johannesburg at
17h15pm the same days.
The total number of flights offered by SAA out of Johannesburg to Australia has increased to 13.
The new schedules provide great connectivity to and from Africa to help mining and business communities
to use SAA's Johannesburg hub as a major gateway into and out of Africa.
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You'll find Hertz at all the major airports and downtown locations. So whether it's business, on holiday or following your team choose Hertz. You'll love our service, you'll love our people, you'll love Hertz.

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  In the news

SAA optimises Africa routes
Johannesburg. 23 October 2009.

South African Airways (SAA) has further enhanced its Africa route network increasing capacity on a number of destinations in the continent.

Flights between Johannesburg and Dar es Salaam have increased from 7 per week to 9. The two additional flights will be operated on Saturdays and Sundays.

SAA has increased its flights between Johannesburg and Windhoek from 14 per week to 20, effectively introducing three flights per day excluding Saturdays on the route. SAA is the only carrier on this route to offer a Business Class product.

A new schedule on the Windhoek route has also been introduced to offer the most effective options for Business Class customers.

Flights between Johannesburg and Accra, Ghana are now operated daily, increased from just four per week.

It is SAA’s strategic focus to strengthen operations in the market it leads, such as into Africa and to grow where there are opportunities. This is in line with SAA’s mandate to be an African carrier with global reach.

SAA recently announced that the airline experienced strong growth in market share in Africa, which remains the most profitable market following a strategic decision to concentrate on growth plans in the region.
1. SA074 departs Johannesburg at 09h45am and arrives in Windhoek at 11h45am Monday
through Sunday.
SA075 departs Windhoek at 12h35pm and arrives in Johannesburg at 14h25pm.
2. SA076 departs Johannesburg at 13h20pm and arrives in Windhoek at 15h20pm Monday
through Sunday.
SA077 departs Windhoek at 16h10pm and arrives in Johannesburg at 18h00pm.
3. SA078 departs Johannesburg at 17h30pm and arrives in Windhoek at 19h30pm everyday
excl. Saturdays.
SA079 departs Windhoek at 07h30am arrives in Johannesburg at 09h20am everyday excl. Sundays.
Dar es Salaam
1. SA188 departs Johannesburg at 14h55pm and arrives in Dar es Salaam at 19h25pm Mon.
through Sun.
SA189 departs Dar Es Salaam at 07h25am and arrives in Johannesburg at 10h10am
2. SA186 departs Johannesburg at 10h25am and arrives in Dar Es Salaam at 14h45pm on Sat.
and Sun.
SA187 departs Dar Es Salaam at 15h30pm and arrives in Johannesburg at 18h10pm
1. SA060 departs Johannesburg at 23h50pm and arrives in Accra at 06h05am Monday through Sunday
SA061 departs Accra at 19h45pm and arrives in Johannesburg at 05h30am Monday through Sunday
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