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Brace yourself and get ready to sun-bake in a warmer hemisphere this winter – SAA's special rates allow you to do just that. With that said, in our travel spotlight for the month of May is Germany. You'll be glad to know that SAA flies to Frankfurt daily: a sprawling city with intriguing restaurants and a variety of artistic and cultural events, plus excellent shopping opportunities. Did you know that Zeil has been dubbed the 5th Avenue of Germany!

Winter also comes with a roster of events for you to go see in the name of staying active, one that comes to mind is the Castle Tri Nations Series taking place from 23 July to 27 August. Don't put off your booking till it's too late!

Until next time, travel safe!

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Destination of the month - Germany

South African Airways flies direct to Munich and Frankfurt, but don't let that limit your travel to this extraordinary country as we have a code share agreement with Lufthansa increasing your options tenfold.

The Bavarian city of Munich, centre of southern Germany, is one of the country's favourite tourist destinations, offering a unique combination of modern flair and traditional charm, all mixed together with a heavy helping of 'Gemutlichkeit', the special German term for hearty, happy, healthy togetherness.

Traditionally the city, famous for its breweries and beer halls, conjures up images of jolly red-cheeked, portly men in lederhosen, downing steins of beer. Today close on six million people visit the Oktoberfest every year, and consume more than five and a half million litres of beer during its two-week run.

Did you know? SAA flies daily from Johannesburg to Munich on SA 264 departing at 20h50 arriving on Munich at 07h20. SA 265 departs daily from Munich at 21h55 and arriving Johannesburg at 08h20.

The sprawling city of Frankfurt on the River Main Frankfurt on the other hand is more orientated to business. Tourists can enjoy intriguing restaurants in the Nordend, a variety of artistic and cultural events, and excellent shopping opportunities. Sightseeing opportunities are mostly confined to the historical core of the city, known as the Romerberg, where Charlemagne erected his fort in medieval times.

For shopping it is hard to beat the Zeil, Germany's equivalent to New York's Fifth Avenue. With its excellent rail connections and Autobahn system, Frankfurt is the natural hub for travellers wishing to explore the surrounding towns and countryside. It is also the venue for numerous trade fairs, exhibitions and congresses, drawing about 12-million visitors a year to these events. The largest and best known is the annual International Book Fair.

Did you know? SAA flies daily between Johannesburg and Frankfurt. SA260 departs Johannesburg 19:25 arriving in Frankfurt at 06:10. SA261 departs Frankfurt 20:45 arriving in Johannesburg at 07:15.

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Fare Specials from South Africa

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Partner of the month Partner of the month

*Above fares are on a return basis, inclusive of all taxes and are subject to change due to currency fluctuations. Terms and conditions apply.

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Fare Specials to South Africa

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*Above fares are on a return basis, inclusive of all taxes and are subject to change due to currency fluctuations. Terms and conditions apply.

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South Africa feature - Kenya

Languages: Swahili

Places to Visit

Fort Jesus - Mombasa
Gedi Ruins, Malindi
Giraffe Center - Nairobi
Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage
Karen Blixen Museum, Nairobi
Nairobi National Museum

Learn Swahili

Hello, good day, how are you? Jambo
Taxi Teksi
I want to get off here Nataka kushuka hapa
What time is it? Saa ngapi
Whats up? Namna gani?
Take a picture of me! Piga picha mimi!

Did you know?

Kenya is an African country with vast mountains and beautiful scenery. It is a diverse collection of coastal waters, sand banks, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and deserts. This land is home to a staggering diversity of plants and wild animals such as hippopotamus, cheetahs, hyenas, snakes, rhinoceros, lions, and leopards.
There are more than 65 national parks and wildlife preserves. Each zone has distinct wildlife. Twenty hectares of rainforest contain more birds species than the whole of Europe. Much of Kenya’s native flora is not found anywhere else in the world.
Kenyan culture reflects a mixture of African, Indian, and British influences.
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Functionality (Did you know?)

Check your flight status via your mobile phone!

Ever rushed to the airport to find out your flight is delayed? At SAA, your complete travel experience has been and still is our priority.

We put together a feature that allows you to (amongst other things) check your flight status via your cellphone. Just visit and click on the Flight Departure and Arrival link under: ‘during your trip’, and enter your flight number and voila… your mobile phone turns into a personal terminal arrivals and departure billboard. Other useful features include:

Under the BEFORE YOU FLY Selection...

Voyager Mileage Status
Lounge Finder

Under the DURING YOUR TRIP Selection...

Flight Schedule
Destination Information
Flight Departure and Arrival
Currency Converter


Santander British Grand Prix

Venue: Silverstone  |  Date: 10 July 2011

The Castle 2011 Tri-Nations Series

Match dates:
23 July: AUS vs. SA, Sydney (Book now)
30 July: NZ vs. SA, Wellington (Book now)
6 Aug: NZ vs. AUS, Auckland (Book now)
13 Aug: SA vs. AUS, Durban (Book now)
20 Aug: SA vs. NZ, PE (Book now)
27 Aug: AUS vs. NZ, Brisbane (Book now)

Date: 23 July 2011 – 27 August 2011

Book now!


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Avis has always been about trying harder, about going out of our way to make the customer feel special. Our new campaign's aim is to bring that idea to life through the simple but powerful action of a Smile. A Smile is something so uniquely powerful, it spreads from those who give it to those who receive it. It costs nothing and its impression is a lasting one that we already own. It is through this simple action that we want to show that Avis lives up to our promise, that People are more important than cars.

So go on, smile because the offers don't just end there...

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