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SAA stringently enforces hand luggage weight restrictions on flights for safety and comfort

Johannesburg. 1 February 2010

South African Airways (SAA) is again pleading with passengers to adhere to allocated hand baggage weight restrictions on all flights for their comfort and above all to ensure safe operations.

Passengers are reminded that when flying in economy class the hand luggage allocation is no more than one piece weighing 8kg and two pieces of 8kgs each in business class.

The dimensions of each bag must not exceed 115cm.

"Baggage weight plays a critical role in the safe take-off and landing weight of an aircraft, amongst other weights, including fuel and cargo. Passengers will contribute greatly towards a safe journey by assisting us in adhering to the weight limitations," says Tebogo Tsimane, SAA Head Airports Southern Africa.

SAA with the assistance of Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) has implemented a number of measures at airports to ensure that passengers are complying with the hand baggage weight restrictions.

Weighing scales have been placed at strategic security points to weigh hand luggage after check-in. If hand baggage is in excess of the 8kg limit, or in excess of the number of pieces allowed, passengers will be sent to check the bag in before proceeding to board.

"To avoid missing your flight, it is in each passenger’s interest to ensure they comply," says Tsimane.

Baggage information flyers are available at all SAA check-in counters as an added resource for passengers on all related restrictions.

Passengers are also reminded that if they are requested to check-in hand luggage due to it not complying with restrictions, all valuable items must be removed for the bag.

A recent trial run by SAA of the new security measures for hand baggage showed a marked decrease in flight departure delays, another benefit passengers can look forward to when complying with restrictions.

Other important points relating to hand luggage to note:

  • Economy class hand baggage must not be placed in Business Class overhead cabins
  • Avoid inconvenience and delays and arrive for check-in well ahead of flight departure time

Issued by SAA Group Corporate Affairs