Book with confidence and travel with peace of mind

Whether you're planning an island retreat, a backpacking expedition or a business trip, having adequate travel insurance is simply a necessity to ensure you have peace of mind before and during your trip. 

More and more countries are adopting travel insurance as a visa or entry requirement that includes COVID-19 testing and treatment expense cover. All Hepstar Travel Insurance plans include cover for expenses incurred for the treatment of COVID-19 related conditions and symptomatic testing. Whether travelling from or to South Africa ensure that you have travel insurance cover. 

  • Hepstar offers a range of plans for you to choose from in order to suit your specific needs. The below overview is indicative and may differ for each plan.

    Cover includes:

    • Emergency medical assistance and expenses;
    • Trip cancellation and curtailment;
    • Missed connecting flight and delay;
    • Theft, damage and loss of baggage and personal possessions;
    • International assistance services.

    COVID-19 cover includes:

    • Emergency medical assistance and expenses related to treatment of COVID-19 conditions and symptomatic testing;
    • Medical quarantine accommodation and/or flight change contributions due to you contracting COVID-19;
    • Accommodation and/or flight ticket change expenses due to you being stuck abroad and forced extend your trip;
    • Flight postponement contributions due to new COVID-19 related travel warning issued in respect of your destination.

    This page is for informational purposes only. Full Terms and Conditions is available at the time of purchase.

    • You must be under the age of 71 years;
    • You must be a South African resident travelling to another country or a non-resident of South Africa travelling to South Africa;
    • You must provide evidence of a negative PCR test result for test conducted within 96 hours of departure to qualify for COVID-19 related benefits;
    • You must purchase the plan within 24 hours of the flight ticket to qualify for cancellation for reasons not listed benefit;
    • You must be travelling in less than 120 days
    • Cancellation due to a travel ban imposed by the origin or destination country;
    • Cancellation due to or expenses incurred in respect of prescribed quarantine upon arrival, whether routine or unexpected, unless resulting from a positive COVID-19 test;
    • Unused travel arrangements due to any form of quarantine;
    • Travelling with the intention to emigrate or take up employment
  • If you have any questions regarding the plans or any process, feel free to contact Hepstar through the following channels: 

    Support hours: 09:00 – 17:00 (CAT) on weekdays and 09:00 – 13:00 (CAT) on weekends (email and urgent matters only)

  • If you have purchased travel insurance and wish to lodge a claim, please do so in writing via email to Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for supporting documentation you require in in order to claim under the respective benefits as this will ensure a smooth claims process. This will include (without limitation) the following:

    • Proof of travel arrangements
    • Proof of non-refundable expenses (trip cancellation / curtailment)
    • Airline irregularity report (flight delays, damage/loss/theft of baggage)
  • If you wish to lodge a complaint for any reason relating to the travel insurance offered or purchased, please do so in writing via email to You can expect that following turnaround times on complaints:

    • Acknowledgement - Within 24 hours
    • Detailed response – Within 5 work days
    • Hepstar Travel Insurance plans are administered by Hepstar Financial Services (Pty) Ltd (the intermediary) and underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited, an authorised financial service provider
    • Plans are offered and purchased on a non-advise basis. You are required study all information and documentation made available to determine the suitability of plans for your needs
    • South African Airways provides an introductory service only and makes travel insurance plans accessible to the benefit of its customers. It is not a representative or agent of Hepstar or Guardrisk and it makes no recommendation regarding the suitability of any Hepstar Travel Insurance plan. When clicking on the link provided to quote or buy insurance, you will be redirected to a website hosted by Hepstar and any information submitted and/or transaction completed on said website is submitted to or concluded with Hepstar