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Welcome to the Online Trade Support Guide

We hope that you will find it is easy to navigate and we welcome any feedback that will help us to improve and enhance our service delivery to you.

    • South African Airways, will allow one free change where the return date cannot be booked at the time of ticketing due to the flight date out of system range constraints subject to availability in the same booking
    • Please note that Trade Support has to be contacted before the first ticket is issued so that the passengers intended date of the return can be endorsed in the booking
    • This arrangement applies only on SAA Fares and when the ticket is issued or re-issued on South African Airways 083 ticket stock
    • This free change can be made before or after departure depending on when the required date comes into system range 
    • It is recommended to have the ticket re-issued before departure due to the fact that South African Airways does not have offices or representation at all destinations
    • SAA cannot give authority to have tickets re-issued by any other airline
    • South African Airways cannot guarantee availability in the same booking class and the passenger is free to upgrade to higher booking class/fare (fare rule will apply) provided that the 12-month ticket validity is not exceeded
    • Once the return date becomes available, please contact Trade Support again for authorisation code before reissue is done
    • The waiver number must be reflected in the endorsement box at all times when reissuing ticket
    • SAA permits our BSPZA IATA –approved agents to reissue our involuntary transactions occurring on SAA, SA Express and Airlink –operated flights and onward journeys (other airlines) issued on the same itinerary reflected on the 083 ticket
    • For other airline schedule changes issued on 083 ticket stock, such tickets must be reissued by SAA directly. These e-mail addresses may be used to forward booking to SAA offices for reissue depending on where Agent is residing.
    • In the event where the Passenger chooses not to travel due to the schedule change, the Agent must apply on a refund application to SAA head office Refunds via the BSPLINK
    • The endorsement box must reflect the words: 
    • Rebook due to SAA (flight number) schedule change and the date (cancelled date) only an agent can reissue with the above (to avoid an ADM). Revalidation is not permitted due to schedule change
    • Maintain the original fare, maintain the original fare calculation, reflect all taxes as paid and maintain the original booking/cabin
  • Please note that fares department guarantees Regional and International bookings only
    Fare request has to be inserted in the booking first depending on the GDS agent is using
    Please note turnaround time is 24 hours
    Fare guarantees are valid for the same day
  • Process to follow on non-issued tickets
    • Insert a request with correct name
    • If foreign carriers are involved, agents need to contact those airlines to insert authority into the reservation to permit them to update the name field before contacting SAA
    • Process to follow for issued tickets
    • Trade Support will do the change and agent to issue
    • If the ticket has been issued, it must be sent in for refund via BSP and new ticket to be issued.  Refunds will waiver all penalties and charge an admin fee of ZAR285. Along with that please attach copy of new ticket and copy of Passport
    • To qualify for a full refund, less administration fee, the new and old ticket must contain the same flights, dates and classes
    • Any variation will result in the Refunds department applying standard refund rules
    • Please note that on other Global Distribution System (GDS) e.g. Amadeus when there is a Corporate number or Voyager number or ticket numbers in the booking the system will restrict Trade Support from doing the name change
  • Please advise ticket number for offloads
    Offloads can only be performed an hour before a domestic flight
    International flight – 2hours before
    Alternatively, offloads may be done on our website
    Log on to
    Click on Manage my Booking, 
    Click on Check-In
    Re-check the passenger in. 
    Click on Cancel Check-in and passenger will be offloaded
  • 16 May 2019 Notice for travellers planning to visit Tanzania View Advisory
    23 May 2019  South African Airways launches direct service to Guangzhou, China View Advisory



  • You are welcome to download our Trade Support Guide here. SAA reserves the right to change this guide as and when required.