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  • To learn more on our baggage policy and liability please read the information below:



      You may carry some Baggage, free of charge, subject to our conditions and limitations, which are available upon request from us or our Authorised Agents and are available on our website


      You will be required to pay a charge for carriage of Baggage in excess of the free Baggage allowance. These rates are available from your local Travel Agent or South African Airways office. or click here for a printable version.


      1. You must not include in your Baggage:
        1. Items which do not constitute Baggage as defined in Article 1;
        2. Items which are likely to endanger the aircraft or persons or property on board the aircraft, such as those specified in the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations, and in our regulations (further information is available from us on request);
        3. Items the carriage of which is prohibited by the applicable laws, regulations or orders of any state to be flown from or to;
        4. Items which are reasonably considered by us to be unsuitable for carriage because they are dangerous, unsafe or by reason of their weight, size, shape or character, or which are fragile or perishable having regard to, among other things, the type of aircraft being used. Information about unacceptable items is available upon request;
      2. Firearms and ammunition of any nature are prohibited from carriage as, or within Checked Baggage. We may accept such items as part of your baggage allowance and will provide you with assistance in the acceptance of such items. Firearms must be unloaded with the safety catch on, and suitably packed. Carriage of ammunition is subject to ICAO and IATA regulations as specified in
      3. Weapons such as swords, knives and similar items may be accepted as Checked Baggage, at our discretion, but will not be permitted in the cabin of the aircraft.
      4. You must not include in Checked Baggage, fragile or perishable items, artwork, money, jewellery, precious metals, computers, personal electronic devices, cellular telephones, cameras, audio and video equipment, negotiable papers, securities or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents or samples.
      5. If, despite being prohibited, any items referred to in 9.3.1, 9.3.2 and 9.3.4 are included in your Baggage, such inclusion is entirely at your own risk, shall be without prejudice to any rights we may have in respect of such contravention and we shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage to such items in excess of the limitation of liability and subject to such defenses as applicable under the Convention.

      1. Subject to paragraph 9.3.2 and 9.3.3, we will refuse to carry as Baggage the items described in 9.3, and we may refuse further carriage of any such items upon discovery. The right of search, whether exercised or not, constitute an agreement by us, either express or implied, to carry items within your Baggage which would otherwise be precluded from carriage.
      2. We may refuse to carry as Baggage any item reasonably considered by us to be unsuitable for carriage because of its size, shape, weight, content, character, or for safety or operational reasons, or the comfort of other passengers. Information about unacceptable items is available upon request.
      3. We may refuse to carry as Baggage any item, due to safety, security or operational reasons, including Baggage which does not belong to you and which you have pooled* with your Baggage. *Baggage or items packed within your baggage that was passed on to you by a 3rd party, or baggage carried on behalf of someone else, the contents of which are not known to you must be declared to. The identification of such items, without you informing us could result in the refusal of carriage, and possible legal action. We do not accept liability for such Baggage and are entitled to an indemnity from you in respect of claims or losses incurred as a result of damage caused to it.
      4. We may refuse to accept Baggage for carriage unless it is in our reasonable opinion properly and securely packed in suitable containers. Information about packing and containers unacceptable to us is available upon request.

      1. For reasons of safety and security we may request that you permit a search and scan of your person and a search, scan or x-ray of your Baggage. If you are not available, your Baggage may be searched in your absence of the purpose of determining whether you are in possession of or whether your Baggage contains any item described in 9.3.1 or any firearms, ammunition or weapons, which have not been presented to us in accordance with 9.3.2 or 9.3.3. If you are unwilling to comply with such request we may refuse to carry you and your Baggage. In the event a search or scan causes Damage to you, or an x-ray or scan causes damage to your Baggage, we shall not be liable for such Damage unless due to our fault or negligence.

      1. Upon delivery to us of your Baggage which you wish to check we will take custody of, and issue a Baggage Identification Tag for, each piece of your Checked Baggage.
      2. Checked Baggage must have your name or other personal identification affixed to it.
      3. Checked Baggage will, whenever possible, be carried on the same aircraft as you, unless we decide for safety, security or operational reasons to carry it on an alternative flight. If your Checked Baggage is carried on a subsequent flight we will deliver it to you, unless applicable law requires you to be present for customs clearance.

      1. We may specify maximum dimensions and/or weight for Baggage which you carry on to the aircraft. If we have not done so, Baggage which you carry onto the aircraft must fit under the seat in front of you or in an enclosed storage compartment in the cabin of the aircraft. If your Baggage cannot be stored in this manner, it must be carried as Checked Baggage.
      2. Objects not suitable for carriage in the cargo compartment (such as delicate musical instruments), and which do not meet the requirements in 9.7.1 above, will only be accepted for carriage in the cabin compartment if you have given us notice in advance and permission has been granted by us. You may have to pay a separate charge for this service.

      1. Subject to Article 9.6.3, you are required to collect your Checked Baggage as soon as it is made available at your destination or Stopover. Should you not collect it within reasonable time, we may charge you a storage fee. Should your Checked Baggage not be claimed within three (3) months of the time it is made available, we may dispose of it without any liability to you.
      2. Only the bearer of the Baggage Check and Baggage Identification Tag is entitled to delivery of the Checked Baggage.
      3. If a person claiming Checked Baggage is unable to produce the Baggage Check and identify the Baggage by means of Baggage Identification Tag, we will deliver the Baggage to such person only on condition that he or she establishes to our satisfaction his or her right to the Baggage and if required by us, such person shall furnish adequate security to reimburse us for any loss, damage or expense which may be incurred by us as a result of such delivery.
    9. ANIMALS

      If we agree to carry your animals they will be carried subject to the following conditions:

      1. You must ensure that animals such as dogs, cats, household birds and other pets, are properly crated and accompanied with valid health and vaccination certificates, entry permits, and other documents required by countries of entry or transit failing which, they will not be accepted for carriage. Such carriage may be subject to additional conditions specified by us, which are available on request;
      2. If accepted Baggage, the animal, together with its container and food, shall not be included in your free Baggage allowance, but shall constitute excess baggage, for which you will be obliged to pay the applicable rate. Animals will not be carried in the passenger cabin of the aircraft. They will be carried, suitably containerised, in the cargo compartment of the aircraft.
      3. 9.9.3 Guide dogs accompanying Passengers with disabilities will be carried free of charge in addition to the normal free Baggage allowance, subject to conditions specified by us, which are available on request.
      4. Where carriage is not subject to the liability rules of the Convention, we are not responsible for injury to or loss, sickness or death of an animal which we have agreed to carry unless we have been negligent;
      5. We will have no liability in respect of any such animal not having all the necessary exit, entry, health and other documents with respect to the animal's entry into or passage through any country, state or territory and the person carrying the animal must reimburse us for any fines, cost, losses or liabilities reasonably imposed or incurred by us as a result.


    • 16.1 The liability of South African Airways (Proprietary) Limited and each Carrier involved in your journey will be determined by its own Conditions of Carriage. Our liability provisions are as described in this article.
    • 16.2 Unless otherwise stated herein, international travel, as defined in the Convention, is subject to the liability rules of the Convention. Reference is made to the special agreement we apply (see Article 16.4).
    • 16.3 Where your carriage is not subject to or not inconsistent with the liability rules of the Convention, the following rules shall apply:
    • 16.3.1 Any liability we have for Damage, will be reduced by any negligence, wrongful act or omission on your part which causes or contributes to the Damage in accordance with applicable law.
    • 16.3.2 We will be liable only for Damage occurring during carriage on flights or flight segments where our Airline Designator Code appears in the carrier box of the Ticket for that flight or flight segment. If we issue a Ticket or if we check Baggage for carriage on another carrier, we do so only as agent for the other carrier. Nevertheless, with respect to Checked Baggage, you may make a claim against the first or last carrier.
    • 16.3.3 We will not be liable for Damage to Unchecked Baggage unless such Damage is caused by our negligence.
    • 16.3.4 We are not liable for any Damage arising from our compliance with.
    • 16.3.5 Except in the case of and act or omission done with intent to cause Damage or recklessly and with knowledge that Damage would probably result, our liability in the case of Damage to Checked Baggage shall be limited to SDR 19 per kilogram and in the case of Damage to Unchecked Baggage shall be limited to SDR 332 per passenger, where the Warsaw Convention applies to your journey, or 1,131 SDRs for Checked and Unchecked baggage where the Montreal Convention applies to your journey, provided that in either case if in accordance with applicable law different limits of liability are applicable such different limits shall apply. If the weight of the Baggage is not recorded on the Baggage Check, it is presumed that the total weight of the Checked Baggage does not exceed the applicable free baggage allowance for the class of carriage concerned. If in the case of Checked Baggage a higher value is declared in writing pursuant to an excess valuation facility, our liability shall be limited to such higher declared value.
    • 16.3.6 Except where other specific provision is made in these Conditions, we shall be liable to you only for recoverable compensatory Damages for proven losses and costs in accordance with the Convention.
    • 16.3.7 We are not liable for any Damage caused by your Baggage. You shall be responsible for and shall reimburse us in respect of any Damage caused by your Baggage to other persons or property, including our property.
    • 16.3.8 Our liability for Damage to articles not permitted to be contained in Checked Baggage under 9.3, including fragile or perishable items, items having a special value, electronic devices, jewellery, precious metals, computers, personal equipment, negotiable papers, securities, or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents, or samples shall, subject to any defenses as may be available to us, not exceed the limits of liability as provided for under the Convention.
    • 16.3.9 We are not responsible for damage to any sporting equipment or musical instruments not presented in a hard-sided or appropriate case. If there is no damage to the outside of the hard sided case we shall have no liability to the contents thereof.
    • 16.3.10 We shall have no liability for any existing damaged baggage.
    • 16.3.11 We shall have no liability for oversized, overweight or over packed baggage.
    • 16.3.12 In the course of normal handling, your baggage may show evidence of use. We are not liable for conditions that result from normal wear and tear such as minor cuts, scratches, scuffs, dents and soiled baggage. We are not liable for protruding parts such as wheels, feet straps, handles including telescoping / pull handles, hangers, hooks, loose flaps, pockets or other attached items.
    • 16.3.13 We are not responsible for damaged baggage due to manufacturer’s defects.
    • 16.3.14 We are not responsible for any illness, injury or disability, including death, attributable to your physical condition or for the aggravation of such condition.
    • 16.3.15 The contract of carriage, including these Conditions of Carriage and exclusions or limits of liability, is without exception also applicable to our Authorised Agents, servants, employees and representatives.
    • 16.3.16 Nothing in these Conditions of Carriage shall waive any exclusion or limitation of our liability under the Convention or applicable laws unless otherwise expressly so stated herein.
    • 16.3.17 We shall have no liability for items checked in sacks or paper/plastic bags that do not have sufficient durability or do not have secure closures or do not provide sufficient protection to the contents.


    • 16.4.1 The provisions in this Article 16.4 do not bind any other Carriers involved in your journey unless expressly indicated by them to you.
    • 16.4.2 We agree that in respect of all international carriage of Passengers, to which the Convention applies, performed on flights or flight segments where our Airline Designator Code appears in the carrier box of the Ticket for that flight or flight segment:
    • We shall not invoke the limitation of liability in Article 22(1) for any claim for damages under Article 17 of the Convention;
    • We shall not avail ourselves of any defence under Article 20(1) of the Convention with respect to the portion of such claim which does not exceed 113,100 SDR's;
    • We shall without delay, and in any event not later than fifteen (15) days after the identity of the natural person entitled to compensation has been established, make such advance payments as may be required to meet immediate economic needs on a basis proportional to the hardship suffered;
    • Without prejudice to paragraph an advance payment shall not be less than the equivalent in ECU's of 16,000 SDR's per Passenger in the event of death;
    • an advance payment by us in terms hereof shall not constitute recognition of liability and may be offset against any subsequent sums paid on the basis of our liability, but is not returnable, except if we prove that the damage was caused by, or contributed to by, the negligence of the injured or deceased Passenger or in circumstances where it is subsequently proved that the person who received the advance payment caused, or contributed to, the damage by negligence or was not the person entitled to compensation.
    • 16.5 Unless so expressly provided nothing herein contained shall waive any exclusion or limitation of liability or other defence available to us under the Convention or applicable laws. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing nothing herein contained shall waive any exclusion or limitation of liability or defence available to us under the Convention or applicable laws in relation to death, wounding or other bodily injury as against any public social insurance or similar body or any person who is liable to pay compensation or has paid compensation in respect of the death, wounding or other bodily injury. Such claims shall be subject to the limit in Article 22(1) and to the defences under Article 20(1) of the Convention. We will compensate the Passenger or the Passengers' dependants for recoverable compensatory damages in excess of payments received from any public social insurance or similar body.


    For all carriage on our domestic services within the Republic of South Africa to which the Convention does not apply, the limit of our liability to or for each Passenger for death, wounding or other bodily injury shall be the sum of R1,000,000 (one million rand) inclusive of legal fees and costs subject to proof of the quantum of the claim and that the incident was the result of or was caused by negligence on our part, provided that this limit shall not apply to acts or omissions done with intent to cause damage or recklessly and with knowledge that damage should probably result.



    Acceptance of Baggage by the bearer of the Baggage Check without complaint at the time of delivery is sufficient evidence that the Baggage has been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the contract of carriage, unless you prove otherwise.

    If you wish to file a claim or an action regarding Damage to Checked Baggage, you must notify us as soon as you discover the Damage, and at the latest, within seven (7) Days of receipt of the Baggage. If your wish to file a claim or an action regarding delay of Checked Baggage you must notify us within twenty-one (21) Days from the date the Baggage has been placed at your disposal. Every such notification must be made in writing and dispatched immediately after discovery of the damage or delay and at the latest within the time limits aforesaid.


    Any right to Damages shall be extinguished if an action is not brought within two (2) years of the date of arrival at destination, or the date on which the aircraft was scheduled to arrive, or the date on which the carriage stopped. The method of calculating the period of limitation shall be determined by the law of the court where the case is heard.

    NOTE For domestic carriage (i.e. wholly within the Republic of South Africa) the period of limitation shall be three years.


    No agent, employee or representative of Carrier has authority to alter, modify or waive any provision of these Conditions of Carriage.

    These General Conditions represent a binding contract between you and us. You must make sure that you have read carefully all of its provisions to ensure that you are prepared to be bound solely by its terms.


    Carriage of you and your Baggage is also provided in accordance with certain other regulations and conditions applying to or adopted by us. These regulations and conditions as varied from time to time are important. They concern, amongst other things, the carriage of unaccompanied minors, pregnant women, sick passengers, restrictions on use of electronic devices and items, the on board consumption of alcoholic beverages and the carriage of animals.


    The title of each Article of these Conditions of Carriage is for convenience only, and is not to be used for interpretation of text.

    Name of Carrier : South African Airways

    Abbreviation of Name : SA

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    • confidential,
    • may be privileged and

    Access to this e-mail by anyone else is unauthorised. If this e-mail is not intended for you, you may not copy, distribute, or disclose the included information to anyone. Neither South African Airways, nor any related entity will be held liable for any loss or damages whatsoever arising out of your reliance on the information contained in this e-mail. If you are not the intended recipient you are requested to advise the sender by return and delete this e-mail and any enclosed data from all storage media. Any disclosure of confidential or privileged information transmitted herewith may result in legal proceedings being instituted against the recipient hereof.

    Whilst all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the accuracy and integrity of information and data transmitted electronically, and to preserve the confidentiality thereof, South African Airways will not be held liable for any loss or damages caused of whatsoever nature arising out of information or data that is, for whatever reason, intercepted, corrupted, infected with a computer virus or does not reach its intended destination, timeously or at all. It is the responsibility of the named recipient(s) to ensure that this e-mail and its contents are virus free.

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    This notice also serves to inform any person who intends to use the e-mail system provided by South African Airways that any e-mail communication so sent may be intercepted in accordance with applicable provisions of the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act 70 of 2002. Persons corresponding with SAA by e-mail are advised that all e-mail received into SAA and sent out from SAA, is archived. SAA reserves the right to institute legal proceedings against the sender for any use of this email facility contrary to the acceptable use policy.


     Advance Seat Reservation – Terms and Conditions

    Advance Seat Reservation (ASR) is only available on flights operated by South African Airways (SAA) and 083 validated ticket stock with the following seating options: standard seat, extra legroom and emergency exit row seats.

    •  Seat Selection is subject to the availability of requested seats and is available on a per sector basis only. Price is per seat, per sector.
    • Passengers who do not wish to purchase ASR can choose their seats free of charge (except exit row seats) when they check‐in online 24 hours prior to departure, or at the airport, subject to availability.
    • Seat Selection does not necessarily include all passengers in a booking unless expressly selected. Accordingly, SAA cannot guarantee that all parties in a booking will be seated together. Individual passengers in a single booking may request different types of seats e.g. standard seat and Exit Row Seat. The applicable seat charges will apply to each seat type.
    • Unaccompanied minors are exempt from the ASR charge and a seat will be allocated to them free of charge.
    • Passengers who wish to sit next to each other, but have made separate bookings, will need to request their individual seats independently. SAA is not able to advise on the seat selection of passengers on other bookings. SAA is, furthermore, unable to link separate bookings. Accordingly, if you have paid to sit next to other passengers in a different booking, SAA will not be able to seat you back together with the passengers you were originally seated with.
    • Passengers who have specific needs should directly contact the SAA Contact Centre (or their travel agent) to allow SAA to assist with the allocation of an appropriate seat.
    • Seat requests cannot be guaranteed as they may need to be changed for operational, safety or security reasons, even after boarding the aircraft.
    • Seat selection is not transferable to another passenger.
    • Seat selection is non-refundable unless:
      • SAA changes the passenger seat for operational, safety or security reasons (even after boarding the aircraft), and SAA is unable to seat the passenger in a suitable alternative.
      • There is a flight disruption causing the passenger to be moved to another flight and SAA is unable to seat the passenger in a suitable alternative on your new flight.
      • SAA moves the passenger to a flight not operated by SAA.
      • SAA moves the passenger to a seat in a higher cabin, either for operational reasons or as a goodwill gesture.
    • If SAA changes the passenger’s seat for operational, safety or security reasons or if the passenger is affected by a flight disruption, the affected passenger may apply for a refund after departure by contacting SAA’s Reservation’s Call Centre or emailing the request to . Refund requests must be lodged no later than 3 months after the affected flight.
    • Changes:
      • Once a passenger has selected and paid for a specific seat, passenger may select a different seat in the same flight and cabin of equal value to the original seat purchased.
      • If a passenger chooses to change flights, they may select a seat of equal value of the new flight with the same routing. If the seat of equal value is not available, the value is non-refundable.
      • Once a passenger has selected and paid for a specific seat, they cannot move to an available seat of higher value within the same cabin (for example an Extra Legroom Seat).
      • If the passenger elects to pay to move to a higher cabin or booking class where seat selection is free, they are entitled to apply for a refund, if seat selection was purchased.

    Additional Requirements and Conditions for Exit Row Seats.

    In order to sit in the Emergency Exit Row Seat, passengers shall comply with all legal and safety standards:

    • Passengers must be at least 16 years or older at the time of flying and acknowledge the exit row briefing given by cabin crew once on board the aircraft.
    • Passengers must be willing to assist in the unlikely event of an emergency and be able to speak and understand English and carry out instructions. In the event of an emergency, passengers have to be able to check outside conditions and react to cabin crew commands and be able to reach, open, lift and throw out an exit door that weighs up to 27kg (60lbs).
    • Passengers cannot sit in the emergency exit row if they have any permanent or temporary impairment, for example, deaf, hearing impaired, blind, vision-impaired, any strength or mobility limitation, intellectual impairment or be travelling with a service dog
    • Passengers travelling with someone who needs their assistance in an emergency or passengers who are seated with an infant or passengers who require an extension seat belt, will not be eligible to be seated in an Exit Row Seat.
    • SAA has the sole discretion, at check-in or boarding, to determine whether a passenger meets the requirements to sit in an Exit Row Seat. If the passenger does not meet the requirements, they will be assigned a different seat.


    • A boarding pass for an exit row seat will only be issued once a SAA staff member confirms all safety criteria are met as outlined in our terms and conditions.
    • If a SAA staff member confirms that the passenger does not meet any of the required safety criteria, SAA may re-assign the passenger to a regular economy seat before or during the journey without refund of the Exit Row Seat reservation fees. These important safety requirements mean that notwithstanding the fact that passengers will be able to use Web and Kiosk check-in, where there are identified issues on-board the aircraft, passengers may be moved if they do not meet the exit row seating criteria.
    • If a passenger becomes unable to meet all physical and legal safety requirements to sit in an exit row seat they must give SAA 72 hours’ notice, further to which they will be moved to a standard seat and refunded the Exit Row Seat fee.


  • Terms of Use for South African Airways Social Media Platforms, Aka House Rules.

    To protect users and the brand, all of South African Airways social media platforms – South African Airways are actively moderated according to the policies set out below. Social Media House Rules need to be hosted on, which can be linked to from within each SAA social media account’s Bio.

    If any post violates these policies, it will be removed. Continuous violation by a user may result in that user being blocked. We do not want to ‘police’ our social media environments, we welcome and encourage your comments, complaints or compliments; we just want to keep the environment free from distastefulness.

    The policies are:

    1. No hate speech;

    2. No swearing, or explicit or profane content;

    3. No personal attacks. No threatening or disparaging an individual or group based on their race, religion, gender, disability,  age or sexual orientation;

    4. No spam or other promotional content not relevant to South African Airways. (i.e. any business-related or otherwise promotional links that are not relevant to South African Airways will be removed);

    5. No posts linking to malicious files or software that may damage users' computers;

    6. No pornographic references, either written or visual;

    7. No gratuitous or violent imagery, nor commentary;

    8. We value the privacy of all our users. Any content revealing personal information such as the names of third parties, phone numbers, addresses, credit card details or any content that invades others' privacy will be removed;

    9. By posting on this page, you grant South African Airways and its respective entities a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, irreversible license to reproduce, transmit, display, disclose and otherwise use your communications.

    SAA reserves the right to modify or change these conditions at any time.