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At SAA Cargo we treat every shipment with the highest priority whether on the ground or en-route

We invite you to use our services for a guaranteed load off your mind.

  • SAA Cargo offers a charter service to customers who require it on an ad hoc basis. Our Boeing 737-300 freighter aircraft are available daily for any charter requirement. We handle all types of cargo, including horses or any type of AVI provided the size can be accommodated by the aircraft. The maximum capacity of these aircraft is dependent on distance and type of cargo and can take up to 16 tons.

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  • SAA Cargo, through its facilities in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban offers cargo handling services to foreign airlines. These warehouses are equipped with X-ray machines that screen all cargo. The warehouses also provide a seamless feeder within the domestic network for the foreign airlines. SAA Cargo is Part 108 Regulation compliant as prescribed by CAA to regulate security in the freight industry and ensure that no harmful articles, such as explosives, can be introduced into the aircraft through cargo.

  • Warehousing

    South African Airways - Cargo offers a 23 830 m² ground and first floor semi-automated warehousing with dedicated Build Up Unit acceptance and delivery areas. Exports build up and Imports check-in bays are fully fitted with roller-beds to ensure proper handling of ULDs. Similar facilities are also available at other airports.

    Cooling facilities

    Our cold rooms cover an area of 156 m2 and are divided into 5 sections with a storage capacity for 38 pallets or 114 tons. We have constant temperature monitoring and control through the use of sophisticated sensors that safeguards the temperature levels of the cool rooms according to the requirements.

    With our upgraded cool rooms and facilities, at all major South African airports, we have the leading edge when it comes to the handling of perishable goods for transportation to local and international destinations.

    Meeting the Perishable Products Export Control Board's (PPECB) most stringent quality criteria, the cool room facility is available to suit your particular needs.


    ULD control and storage:

    • SAA Cargo boasts a 7022m2 ULD yard with roller beds, all around, offering storage capacity for 500 containers
    • The facility offers 33 racks with a capacity of ±1000 aircraft pallets
    • Access to this yard is monitored by a 24 hour digital recording CCTV surveillance
    • ULD's are bar-coded on receipt to facilitate effective tracking and tracing
    • The system also offers ULD monitor at aircraft side at all times where possible
    • Full ULD management system
    • 3 x 6 tons combination scale hoists
    • 5 x 6 tons scales alongside build-up areas
    • 41 battery-operated forklifts
    • 5 diesel forklifts handling up to 12 tons of cargo (at any time)
    • 9 tractors
    • 4 battery-operated tractors for quick and secure movement of all Unit Load Devise's (ULD) in the warehouse
    • 24 hour digital recording CCTV surveillance with Dome-Cameras
    • 24 hour manned access control into the warehouse
    • Security check points at all entrances and exits (to or from) South African Airways Cargo premises
    • Staff access controlled 24 hours with X-ray machine and metal detectors
  • Here, South African Airways Cargo offers a specialised horse transportation service and comfort enhanced containers.

    This comes in handy when transporting thoroughbred stock, ensuring that these animals arrive well rested and in race-ready condition.

    A certified vet or handler should travel with animals to provide specialised care.

  • Short- to medium haul freighters, namely three B737-300s.

    NB: The maximum total weight, height, width and length of consignments depend on the aircraft type.

  • In 1995, we introduced a customer loyalty programme named Frequent Freighter, which rewards customers that use South African Airways Cargo services on a regular basis.

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  • To ensure safe and efficient movement of your cargo, South African Airways Cargo employs some of the most technologically advanced systems and facilities.

    That means the exact status of your cargo will not only be available to us, but also to you the client. This is just another innovation to put your mind at ease while your goods are making their way to their final destination.

    SAA Cargo implemented an electronic air-waybill system for the domestic market, offering customers a fast lane for cargo check-in. In addition, SAA Cargo has introduced a new integrated web-based system called i-Cargo, which keeps the business up to date with technological developments within the cargo environment. The system replaces the legacy system called Safron and Zebra.

  • There are always changes, developments and new information in this business like in any other industry. It is therefore necessary that all our customers do not only take note but they also familiarise themselves with these issues. As you know, SAA Cargo makes containers available for each and every cargo item. It is our duty to ensure that these containers are managed effectively and kept in good condition.

    Damage of ULDs occurs mostly due to mishandling and negligence e.g. using the wrong equipment to load or move containers, packing cargo on the roof, dropping containers carelessly from roller-beds etc.

    Below, we discuss the do’s and dont’s of Unit Load Devices (ULDs) management. If ULDs are not handled properly they can be easily damaged. The repair and replacement costs are quite high and there is added inconvenience that during that time the units are not available for service. It is therefore critical that all the container users handle them with care.

  • Do's

    Before transporting ULDs on dollies or other vehicles ensure that:

    • Containers (full or empty)
    • Doors are closed and secured
    • Locking devices are correctly applied


    • Full: net fittings are secured. Always release the net fitting from the pallet track carefully
    • Empty: nets are placed on top and in the centre of the pallet


    Do not:

    • Store ULDs on the ground without suitable base support
    • Stack ULDs on top of one another unless designed for stacking
    • Handle ULDs with forklifts unless designed for forklifting
    • Drop ULDs from dollies, loaders etc.
    • Push or drag ULD along the ground (the ULD should not be on the ground without proper support in the first place)
    • Cut nets or straps to release them from pallets
    • Put loads/cargo on the roof of the container
    • Use crow bars or similar devices to free ULDs which are jammed on conveying system

    ULD information

    SAA Cargo carries a broad range of Aircraft Unit Loading Devices (ULDs) on its aircraft. Whether you need to ship perishables, livestock or bulky objects, we have the specialized ULDs for all your cargo needs. Whatever the size and shape of the consignment, check its dimensions against the ULDs available.

    ULD ID Codes (click on link for specification)