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Speaking notes – Wine Awards function, Saturday, 2 November

About 3 minutes long

Ladies and gentlemen, wine makers, members of the media, judges, and friends

It is my privilege to welcome all of you at one of the most prestigious events on the calendar of South African Airways.

An event which we celebrate this year for the 29th year in a row.

Another proud South African Airways tradition which spans decades.

In keeping with our history as one of the oldest airlines in the world –
next year – ladies and gentlemen – South African Airways is turning 80
And may I say a very sprightly 80 year old – at that.

I would  like to warmly thank everyone for attending tonight.

Thank you to our team from South African Airways, from the product department, marketing and procurement, who work with so much dedication on this event every year
Thank you Bennie  Howard for all your effort and your friendship which you have shown all of us from  South African Airways over the years.

Thank you to all the winemakers who ensure that this event remains a prestigious one in the wining community.

Thank you to all our judges.

We have been most fortunate to have the expertise of such a distinguished panel of wine judges

Our South African judges Ms. Yegas Naidoo who is also one of our frequent flyers and a Voyager Lifetime Platinum member;   Mrs. Sandra Lotz; Mrs Susan Erasmus; Mrs Danielle le Roux; Miss. Carmen Stevens; Miss. Tatiana Marcetteau; Mr. Gregory Mutambe; Mr. Colin Frith; Mr. Miguel Chan

And our international judges Mr. Ralf Rudolf Anselmann and  Mrs Debra Meiburg Debra – thank you for joining us.

Members of the media, thanks for attending.

Bongi, anyone else Manoj needs to thank?

Ladies and gentlemen tonight is also an especially emotive evening for me, as I will be saying goodbye to my colleagues later this month.

It was - as always - a pleasure working with all of you and I will leave the airline with fond memories.

Ladies and gentlemen - the annual tradition where we select the best of South African wines for our customers to enjoy, is a tradition of which we are very proud.
What made this year’s wine selection process such a momentous occasion is that about 1017 wines were entered which our judges had to taste over the three days.
Only the best of the best and proudly South African wines are chosen to be served on board our entire route network and in our lounges.

As you all know this process is widely regarded as the most rigorous wine selection process in the country.

I am sure you are all very keen to hear who the winners are, and who will walk off with the trophies as our category winners.

So without further ado, let me not keep you in suspense for a minute longer.


I thank you.