September 2012

September marks a change of season in both the South and Northern hemisphere, albeit with different weather patterns yet boundless anticipation of change on all fronts.

Following our communication in the first quarter of 2012 we are delighted to announce that Voyager will be migrating to a new system platform between 5 October to 7 October 2012. As part of system migration and no different to system migrations of this magnitude accross various industries, we will experience system outages and limited services will be available in the Call Centre and on the Voyager site on In order to minimise any inconveniences during the weekend of 5 - 7 October, it is recommended that members plan and book all mileage redemption travels well in advance. Please click here for full details on the new Loyalty System.

SA Express, our airline partner introduces a new coastal service between Cape Town and George just in time for the holiday season. This new route will be launched on 2 September 2012.

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As we approach the last quarter of the year, our valued members are encouraged to review their activity so as to ensure that any Miles due to expire in March 2013 may be saved. For ease of reference, the requirement for saving expiring Miles is 5 000 SAA Miles or 3 000 SA Express Miles in a calendar year.

SAA Piece Concept Baggage Allowance
Earn Double Miles with Health Spas
Europcar Competition Winner
SA Express Introduces A New Coastal Service
India Competition Winner
Frankfurt Competitions Winner
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Important Information that will help you understand the new SAA Piece Concept Baggage  allowance

How will the change of policy affect Voyager members� additional allowances ?

Voyager Platinum and Lifetime Platinum members will each receive one additional piece, subject to weight & size restrictions as follows: 32kg (70lb) in all travel classes on all SAA operated flights.

Voyager Silver and Gold members will each receive one additional piece, subject to weight & size restrictions as follows: Economy class - 23kg (50lb) and Business class - 32kg (70lb), on all SAA operated flights.

Normal Star Gold Baggage benefits will apply for Voyager Gold, Platinum and Lifetime Platinum members when travelling on Star Alliance carriers.

Click here for more information on the SAA global baggage policy.

To whom will the new baggage policy apply?

The new baggage policy will apply to all tickets issued on or after 5 September 2012. The current Weight Concept Baggage Policy will apply for all tickets issued prior to 5 September 2012.

How will my baggage allowance change?

Previously, SAA has only restricted passengers by total weight of baggage. Under the new policy, passengers will be restricted by the number of pieces they are allowed to check-in. Each of these pieces will be subject to weight and size restrictions.

This means that, for example, a passenger who was previously allowed 40kgs of total baggage weight, will now be allowed to check 2 pieces of baggage, each weighing no more than 23kg. This takes the total weight allowance to 46kg for the passenger, although the number of baggage pieces has been restricted to two.

Are there any changes to allowances for sporting goods?

The change of policy will not affect special allowances for sporting goods, these allowances remain unchanged. Please refer to the baggage policy for details on specific sporting equipment allowances.

How are excess baggage charges calculated under the new policy?

As the new baggage policy restricts the number of pieces of baggage a passenger may check in, there will be an excess baggage charge for each piece over and above the passenger's allowance.

Excess baggage charges will also apply for any piece of baggage (even additional pieces that have already been charged as excess) that exceeds the weight and size restrictions for each piece outlined in the baggage policy.

This means that more than one excess baggage charge may potentially apply for a single piece of baggage.


A customer is travelling in economy class to Mumbai, and as such is allowed to check in 2 bags weighing no more than 23kg each, and not exceeding 158cm total dimensions. The customer brings 3 pieces of baggage to check-in:

Piece 1 - 20kg and 140cm total dimensions.
Piece 2 - 26kg and 140cm total dimensions.
Piece 3 - 22kg and 165cm total dimensions.

As the passenger has 3 pieces, an excess baggage charge for an additional piece will apply.

Piece 2 is within the size restrictions but weighs more than 23kg, so an excess baggage charge will apply.

Piece 3 is within the weight restrictions but is larger than the maximum size permitted, so an excess baggage charge will apply

In total, the passenger will have to pay 3 excess baggage charges.

1 for an additional piece.

1 for an overweight piece.

1 for an oversize piece.

How will this affect connections onto other carriers?

The move to a Piece Concept Baggage Policy will make it easier for SAA passengers connecting onto other carriers. Previously, as SAA allowed a passenger to check as many pieces of baggage as they wished, provided the total weight didn't exceed their allowance, passengers connecting onto other carriers who applied the piece concept may have had more pieces of baggage than the other carrier allowed, and would therefore be liable for an excess baggage charge.

Moving forward, SAA will restrict the number of pieces a passenger may carry. Therefore, any SAA passenger connecting onto another carrier would already have a restricted number of bags and would, except in rare cases, not be liable for excess baggage charges relating to number of pieces.

Which baggage allowance will apply for connecting flights?

IATA's Most Significant Carrier (Resolution 302) policy determines which carrier's policy will apply. Usually, the policy of the carrier who operates the first international leg of the journey will apply, however if the trip is broken then this carrier's policy will not apply for any onward connections.

There are some exceptions to this rule, please contact our call centre or your nearest travel agent for any enquiries regarding baggage allowances for multi-leg and multi-carrier journeys.

Will passengers be able to purchase excess baggage in advance at a discounted rate?

This is something we are looking at introducing, however it will not be in place when the new policy launches. This will likely be implemented in the months following the launch.

Will the new policy affect cabin baggage allowances?

No, this new policy is focused on checked baggage allowances only.

Each economy class passenger may carry, without additional charges, 1 piece of hand baggage weighing no more than 8kg and not exceeding maximum dimensions of 115cm (e.g. brief case, travel bag). Business class passengers may carry 2 such pieces of hand luggage on SAA-operated flights.

In addition, each passenger is permitted to carry 1 laptop bag, weighing no more than 8kg, as hand luggage.

Will the policy affect special baggage allowances for infants and persons with reduced mobility?

No, children and infants paying at least 50% of the adult fare are entitled to the same baggage allowance as adults. Infants not entitled to a seat shall only be permitted to 1 piece of baggage weighing no more than 10kg, and one collapsible buggy or car seat.

Persons with reduced mobility will be entitled to one wheelchair or other assertive device that is depended on, free of charge.

On flights to and from European Union destinations, one further mobility device may be carried free of charge, i.e. two in total, over and above the free baggage allowance.

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Europcar Hyundai i10 Winner

Mrs. Annie Murray, collected a brand new Hyundai i10 on behalf of her husband Mr. Chris Murray

Congratulations to Mr. Chris Murray the winner of Europcar win a car competition who won the Hyundai i10. His wife Annie accepted the prize on his behalf and this is what she had to say about her husband's winning, "I am very excited as this is the first time we have ever owned a new car!"

She said her husband did not believe it when they called him to tell him he had won a car, he thought it was someone playing a prank on him and said they need to put it in writing!

SA Express introduces a new coastal service between Cape Town and George
India Competition Winner

Mrs. Nolting (centre) receiving her prize from Jacqui Cronje (SAA Voyager) and Craig McFarlane (Bidvest Bank)

Congratulations to Mrs. Heather Nolting, our winner of the Majestic India competition. She won a trip for two to India, courtesy of South African Airways, Bidvest Bank and Hyatt. "What a wonderful surprise today when Shuping called to say I was the winner! Needless to say it is the first time I have won a trip and I am so excited to be going to India, a country that I find very interesting plus I just love their food. My previous trips to India have always been on business but now I can look forward to spending a much dreamed about holiday exploring Incredible India thanks to SAA Voyager" said Mrs. Nolting.

"Thank you and I can assure you the prize is very much appreciated" she added.

Frankfurt Competition Winner

Winner of the 60th Anniversary (Frankfurt-Johannesburg route) celebration competition Mr. Bongani Masuku receiving his prize from Jacqui Cronje (SAA Voyager)

Congratulations to Mr. Bongani Masuku for winning the SAA 60th anniversary route celebration competition, he won 60 000 Voyager Miles. He said that "I was skeptical at first when I got a telephone call saying that I have won the prize. Today there is just too many people calling everyone and telling them they have won something and only to find that it is a scam".

Top Gear Festival Competition Winner

Mrs. Angela Hall (centre) receiving her prize from Christo Kruger (Porsche Centre SA) and Beulah Els (SAA Voyager)

Mrs. Angela Hall bagged 20 000 Voyager Miles and an exclusive Porsche 23 sport bag for answering our Top Gear quiz correctly, and for that we say congratulations. This is what she had to say about her prize, "Thank you very much for the 20,000 Miles, I think of using them for a trip to see my grandchildren in Bloemfontein, also the Porsche Bag - fabulous I feel very proud".

SAA increases flights to its daily schedules

Nairobi to get three additional flights, bringing the tally to ten

Effective 13 September 2012, SAA will add three (3) flights to its schedule which increases the service between Johannesburg and Nairobi in Kenya from seven (7) to ten (10) flights per week.

Additional flights ahead of the peak summer season

To meet demand, SAA will be adding capacity to its popular summer holidays routes. First in line will be Brazil with the current ten (10) flights weekly between Sao Paulo and Johannesburg increasing to eleven (11). This additional capacity will be added between 06 October 2012 and 13 March 2013; using a combination of the Airbus A323 and A343.

Effective 03 October 2012, SAA will offer non-stop daily flights between Johannesburg and Mumbai in India.

Airlink News

Airlink - the Regional Feeder Airline - connects you to your business in Mthatha with daily flights from Johannesburg.

From 1 October 2012 all flights to Mthatha will enjoy a jet service making business a pleasure.

Airlink offers direct flights between Johannesburg and Nampula on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and on Wednesdays from 3 October 2012.

Airlink Special Meal Requests

Airlink offers three special meal choices:

KSML (Kosher), MOML (Moslem) and VGML (Vegetarian) on certain flights.

Requests for special meals must be made no later than 72 hours prior to departure.

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