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SAA and the environment

SAA environmental statement

We can’t ignore our contribution to the greenhouse effect, or rewind the clock. The direct environmental impact of our activities comes from the CO2 emissions and noise generated by our aircrafts.

It is our corporate responsibility to focus on what we can do to minimise our carbon footprint.
The result:

  • 80% compliance for greener operations as stipulated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
  • Ongoing discussions with the Operations Committee and aviation partner, Air Transport Navigational Services, on how to ensure fuel and carbon efficiency.


Building a green future

Carbon Offset Project – Solar Pressure Heater

Hot water accounts for almost half the energy consumed by the average South African household. With almost 2,500 hours of sunshine a year, solar water heating makes complete sense, but can be prohibitively expensive.

By providing free or low cost installation of solar water heating units to low income families across South Africa, this project is creating new skilled jobs, increasing disposable income levels for families and providing access to clean energy for households who are currently off-grid
while reducing CO2 emissions.

Solar water heaters play a crucial role in reducing the demand for energy in South Africa. South Africa primarily utilises coal fired power plants and South Africa is currently an energy constrained country. By using solar water heaters, demand on electricity infrastructure is reduced, CO2 emissions are reduced and people in rural areas that do not have access to electricity, or can barely afford electricity, can now share in access to hot water that so many of us around the world take for granted.