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Reach for a dream
Dreamer: Devan , 12, Muscular Dystrophy
Dream: Visit Cape Town
Date: Friday 16 January – Sunday 18 January 2015
Devan lives in a small farming town in the Eastern Cape, called Patensie. Increasingly, his condition is limiting his mobility making him feel confined to his small part of the world. Devan’s big dream was to visit Cape Town and explore the Mother city in all its majesty. He had often heard about how beautiful the city is and wanted to experience it himself. And what a wonderful experience the Dream Team organised for him!

After a turbulent and thrilling flight, the family landed in Cape Town and immediately got started on their adventure. We visited Giraffe House, a conservation centre introducing children and adults alike to variety of wild animals. The boys enjoyed feeding the ostrich, and tried to lure George the Giraffe into taking some treats from them. The meerkat, hedgehog, squirrel and crocs fascinated Devan, but he was very weary of the snakes, although they were behind thick glass holding boxes. An utterly delightful interactive “creature” demonstration had us all in stitches, but resulted in some very nervous laughs and squeals when the children was given an opportunity to touch the tarantula, pythons, dragon lizards and other grizzly residents of Giraffe House!
The following day was spent at the V&A Waterfront, discovering the beautiful creatures at the Two Ocean’s Aquarium, enjoying a relaxing lunch overlooking the Waterfront Harbour and visiting the Rugby Museum. After an exhilarating day, our dream family was in need of a relaxing evening and a good night’s sleep. Sunday dawned bright and beautiful with blue skies and we took Devan on a Red Bus City tour. Although our dreamer enjoyed every moment of the weekend, our journey on the Red Route Bus to Table Mountain and back, was mentioned as the highlight of the weekend. The weather was perfect and we had a panoramic view of Cape Town when we arrived on top of Table Mountain. The boys enjoyed listening to interesting facts on Cape Town on route. Devan was quiet at some point, and when asked, he said that he was sad for this wonderful weekend to end. Thank you to SAA Voyager for allowing us to make this dream a reality!!


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