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Flysaa.com provides all-inclusive ticket costs

Johannesburg. 7 December 2009

All fares quoted when booking flight tickets through South African Airways’ (SAA) website, www.flysaa.com include the cost of tax and surcharges.

This new development was implemented to ensure ticket prices were transparent and complied with international Consumer Protection Acts and Laws which require the travel industry to include taxes and surcharges in the prices quoted for services.

Flysaa.com customers can see at a glance what a one-way or return ticket will cost at first glance.

The cost includes in the all inclusive ticket prices are:

  • Airport tax
  • Security surcharge
  • Destination airport tax
  • Passenger surcharge
  • Airport tax due at the transfer or stopover airport (if applicable)
  • Fuel surcharge
  • VAT (if applicable)

While the fare quoted includes all taxes and surcharges, the customer is also able to view a description and breakdown of these before confirming the booking.

There are certain costs which will not be included in the price quoted as customers have control over these:

  • Reservation costs – this amount varies according to the point of sale (e.g. flysaa.com)
  • Paper ticket surcharge – if the customer requests a paper ticket they will be liable for this cost
  • Credit card surcharge – some banks require this surcharge from clients for tickets purchased with a credit card
  • Local departure tax (if applicable) – this amount depends on the specific destination and is required on departure
  • Collection of a ticket from a city or airport office – a service fee is applicable when opting to pay later when booking via flysaa.com

Issued by SAA Group Corporate Affairs