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Sport equipment

Sport equipment information

Special Baggage Charges - (for International and Domestic Journeys valid to both the Weight and Piece Concept)

Special Baggage Regulations are applicable on SA operating flights only. (SA 1000; 7000; 8000 series excluded)

For the following Sport equipment mentioned below, SAA will allow an additional piece, not exceeding 23kg, free of charge per passenger - this is valid to both the Weight and Piece Concept.
Please note that these allowance may not be applicable for special events such as the Argus.

  • Angling
  • Archery
  • Athletic: Track and Field
  • Baseball/ Softball
  • Basketball
  • Bowls
  • Cricket
  • Cycling: 200cm – 100cm – 75cm
  • Diving: scuba equipment
    • Please note that the tank must be empty
  • Fencing
    • Bag not exceeding 200cm
  • Football/Soccer
  • Golf
  • Hockey: Field and Ice
  • Horse riding
    • Saddle must be wrapped & stirrups must be tied & riding helmet
  • Lacrosse
  • Netball
  • Motor-cycle gear
    • Protective riding gear and helmet; motor-cycle to be sent as cargo
  • Parachuting: equipment, including helmet
  • Polo Cross: riding helmet, stick and balls
  • Rock Climbing: equipment including helmets, rope bags, climbing harnesses  and crash pads / bouldering mats if not exceeding 200 cm  in length
  • Rugby
  • Sailing: equipment including – wet/dry sailing suits, life jackets, water boots, ropes, blocks, pulleys, selected tools, water bottle (empty), sails (folded or rolled - tube must not be longer than 200cm)
  • Shooting/hunting
    • Firearms and ammunition – subject to correct transport and safety procedures being followed
    • Ammunition – up to 5kg when packed separately due to regulations will be accepted free of charge.
  • Snow/water ski equipment
  • Surfboards/kite surfing/paragliding: smaller than 200cm
  • Swimming
  • Tennis/squash
  • Ten pin bowling
  • Volleyball

For interlining and through-check-in on routings where other carriers are involved, give the passenger the choice of checking-in the sport baggage for all the SA Airways 3-digit flight numbers free of charge and to check-in new for all non-SA Airways or do a through check-in and charge passenger for all sectors on the 1.5% per kg or applicable PC excess baggage rates. Confirmed SSR-reservation is mandatory, except for shooting or hunting equipment.

N.B For Sporting Equipment NOT specified above must be included in free baggage allowance; if exceeding, normal XBAG rate (1,5% of the SA Airways highest normal direct adult one way economy class fare) applies.

Surfboards / Kite surfing / Paragliding - bigger than 200 cm

To be accepted strictly as cargo

Canoes / Kayaks / Windsurfer and Hang-glider

To be accepted strictly as cargo.

Paddle Ski Equipment

Included in free baggage allowance; if exceeding, normal XBAG rate applies.

Vaulting Poles

Vaulting poles are not included in the free baggage allowance.

WC+PC: In case of excess, EUR50/USD50/CAD70 for first and additional item.



Bicycles must be securely packed. Special boxes and bags are obtainable from bicycle outlets and associations. Please make use of this type of packaging as it prevents your bicycle from possible damage. South African Airways will not take liability for damages of bicycles if they are not securely packed in the special boxes or bags. Kindly ensure that the box or bag is clearly marked with your contact details.

Handlebars must be turned parallel with the frame, pedals removed or turned inward, tires deflated and the seat must be put down. All electronic equipment must be removed and transported separately. Please note also that the carriage of bicycle tyres in the overhead compartment of the aircraft will not be allowed as the tyres do not meet the minimum size requirements and this may cause damage to both the aircraft and the bicycle equipment.

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