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Special Services


  • SAAT’s engineering specialists ensure that the organisation maintains its reputation as a centre of excellence in aviation engineering.
  • Engineering teams, highly qualified in each of their disciplines, provide a range of services to local and international airlines. These include the development of standards and specifications. In addition, Engineering performs engine reliability monitoring as well as the control, evaluation, development and incorporation of mandatory and product improvement modifications.
  • Engineering staff attend advanced training courses, locally and at the Boeing and Airbus factories, keeping up to date with international best practices, in aviation engineering.
  • This enables them to reduce aircraft turnaround time while producing work of the highest international standards. An extensive Technical Library provides engineering staff with constantly updated documents and technical information including thousands of manuals, both in hard copy and online. This information includes a Master Engineering List, a Modification Registry, Aviation Directives, Service Letters and Bulletins.
  • Design staff provides cabin and galley layouts, seat designs and cockpit upgrades, including avionics.
  • Technical Information is responsible for control, review, distribution safekeeping and procurement of all Technical manuals, forms and documentation


 Quality Assurance

  • SAA Technical, as one of the world's leading Aircraft Maintenance Organisations, places great emphasis on quality.
  • Regular audits ensure that policies are adhered to and that the quality of work performed conforms strictly to standards prescribed by manufacturers and regulatory authorities, including SACAA, FAA and EASA. Safety indicators are closely monitored.
  • SAA Technical believes the philosophy of Quality at Source and has implemented inspection to achieve this.
  • Inspection methods, techniques and the use of specialised equipment and inspection aids are included in basic and recurring training of all technical staff.


 Supply Chain

 To take full responsibility of Supply Chain Management for SAAT with strong focus on Procurement; Inventory Management; Legal and Contracts Management, Materials Management;; Logistics; Supplier development and BEE Portfolios.

  • Responsible for all procurement related to aircraft material, spare parts and specialist aircraft maintenance services, component breakdown spares, consumables and modification kits.
  • To establish procurement direction and management of supply chain for procurement activities that will result in the lowest total cost of ownership.
  • Interface with appropriate functional groups throughout the organisation to support the strategic objectives requiring supplier involvement and the development of certified and emerging suppliers. 
  • Optimum value and efficient by adopting best purchasing practices in Supply Chain Management, ensuring where possible that open and fair competition has prevailed.
  • Strives for continuous improvement in our critical business areas and seeks to establish relationships with suppliers that are passionate in their quest for better quality, price and service.
  • Responsible for proactively and strategically develop, implement and control logistics systems to great seamless flow of goods and services throughout the organisation and improve customer service levels.
  • Warehousing of the total inventory (spare and tooling) is controlled by a sophisticated inventory controlled computer system, monitoring individual inventory movement and replenishment.



Warehousing of the total inventory (spare and tooling) controlled by a sophisticated inventory controlled computer system, monitoring individual inventory movement and replenishments

  • Shipping (Air Freight, Sea Freight and Dangerous Goods (DGR) and sale of all surplus and redundant components, engines.
  • Air Suspended Truck with qualified drivers to Transport Aircraft Engines anywhere in South Africa.
  • SAAT is a member of the International Airline Technical Pool (IATP) and have a full Aircraft recovery kit available on site.


Maintenance Planning

  •  SAA Technical maintenance planning is responsible for the planning of maintenance events and to maintain an approved maintenance schedule for each aircraft type.
  • We maintain effective and efficient control systems in ensuring that tasks are scheduled for maintenance in accordance with organizational, manufacturers and Aviation Authority’s requirements.
  • We schedule, forecast and plan short, mid and long term maintenance events like Weekly checks, A, C, D & ADHOC checks.
  • We track and control component movement.
  • We develop and distribute technical instructions and work packages to ensure that every aircraft receives correct maintenance at the required time in the most cost effective manner with regards to downtime, manpower and material, without affecting quality and safety standards.
  • We review and monitor work packages, special inspections, maintenance requirements, AD’s, SB’s, modifications or any “out of phase” work.
  • We perform and control the pre-planning process and critical path analysis of all major maintenance events (CKC, CKD and Special Projects) to support maintenance with the accomplishment of maintenance events within the scheduled downtime.
  • We compile work scopes and coordinate maintenance events with internal stakeholders and external customers.
  • We monitor the check package during maintenance checks and ensure that all documents pertaining to the check package are accounted for.
  • We ensure proper aircraft routing to meet designated flight operations and scheduled maintenance requirements with minimal impact to operations.
  • We develop recovery plans in the event that flight operations are affected by delays or cancellations.
  • We do forward planning, flight hours and cycle management.
  • We perform new aircraft induction and aircraft returns (extraction)
  • We compile aircraft documentation for record keeping and archiving.
  • Maintenance planning has its own internal auditing team that is responsible for task card compliance, system audit, process & procedures audit.


Technical Training

  • Quality, cost-effective training, ranging from apprentice to advanced aircraft systems training on airframe, engines and components by a highly qualified complement of instructors is accomplished.
  • Training is provided at main base, line stations and to other organisations, locally and worldwide.

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